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Why Your New Website Needs a Professional Copy Writer

When you’re planning the launch or redesign of a new website, it’s tempting to take on some of the tasks yourself in order to stretch your budget. So you hire the perfect website designer, get your graphics done by a pro, and pause when it’s time to hire a copy writer, thinking, “Why can’t I just write this stuff myself?”

Here’s why DIY copy writing doesn’t work. And what hiring a professional copy writer can do to help you really knock it out of the park when creating a new website for your business:

  1. Efficient Time Management

You run a business and already wear a lot of hats. Writing for your new website may be something you could do, but ask yourself if it’s really the most efficient use of your time. Writing copy for your website takes time, focus and coordinating with the rest of the team as they work to bring your new site to life. Your business is going to require your attention as well, which means writing will keep getting pushed to the bottom of your list, and pretty soon you’ll find the new website waiting for the words that you just can’t find the time to get done. A professional copy writer can produce well-written content more quickly and more effectively than you can, saving precious time, energy, and productivity in the long run.

  1. You’re Too Close to the Subject

You know your business best, there’s no arguing that fact. But in this case there is such a thing as being too close to the subject. Your writing will likely be filled with lots of industry insider information and jargon that would look good and impress colleagues. But you’ll miss the target. The goal of a website is most often to attract new customers to your business where you will education and entertain them, leading them down the path to becoming a client or customer. A professional copy writer will take the time to understand who the target reader is for your new site, and then customize the content to appeal to that reader by speaking directly to them, while also supporting your business goals.

  1. Navigating the World of SEO

Search engine optimization. You might know what SEO stands for, but learning to write to keep the Google Overlords happy is a whole other matter. Professional copy writers know how to work with the SEO specialists on your website creation team, creating content that is rich in the right keywords and search-friendly copy that help your business stand out on Google, Bing and the other major search engines. Bottom line? Copy that doesn’t have strategy behind it may look great, but no one will be able to find your website to read it.

  1. A Consistent Voice

Did you know your business has a “voice?” So it makes sense that your website should be consistent with that same voice. Some businesses have a casual, friendly sort of vibe. Others a formal, polished image. Just like people, businesses all have unique personalities, and good copy let’s that business’ personality shine through. It’s important that all of your content – website, social media, marketing materials, etc., has a consistent voice that clients and customers recognize and trust. A good copy writer is able to research your business and accurately share that voice throughout all of the copy they write.

  1. You Want a High-Quality Website That Truly Works

You’ve taken the time to select and work with the best team around when it comes to creating a high-quality, professional website that looks great AND excels in functionality and getting the work done that you need it to do. The secret to achieving this goal is to understand that it takes balance to create a website that both captivates readers and creates loyal customers. Design and copy writing are a dynamic duo, working together to create true value. Design may draw the eye, but if the copy doesn’t connect, you’ll lose readers quickly. A professional copy writer works in partnership with designers, coding experts, SEO specialists, and everyone else on the team to write content that contributes to the creation of a final product that supports the company’s goals in every way.

Here at RKN Studios, we provide exceptional copy writing services for website creation and marketing materials that will help you make a connection, make a statement, and help your business grow. Contact us at 818-679-6658 to ask our copy writers your questions or request more information about working with us.

Dawn MenaWhy Your New Website Needs a Professional Copy Writer

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