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Why do you need a blog for your business?

Blogs are a quick, efficient and low cost way to spread the word about your business. WordPress began as a blogging CMS option but now it is being used by some of the biggest companies out there.

Blogging is a great way to position yourself as a credible expert in your field or niche and create opportunities for you to increase your community.

A blog will give you the tools to reach your community within a matter of minutes through daily digest emails or rss feeds. It will allow you to show your customers (and potential customers) that there is a person behind the screen and that you are interested in interacting with them. It conveys the message that you are serious about committing time to getting to know them and encourages them to spend their time/money with you.

Because blogs typically have fresh content, they are very search engine friendly. If you are diligent about providing new content, your site will be found much quicker than if you do not have a blog.

Why do you need a blog for yourself?

Even if you don’t have a business to promote, there are plenty of ways for you to make money off of a blog. There are many niche bloggers out there that blog as a living and with a little research, it’s not hard to find out their secrets. One of the biggest ways to make money from blogging is to allow advertisers to place their ads on your blog for a fee.

Why should you have us work on a blog for you?

Kristy started her quick introduction into the world of blogging Jan 2008 after starting www.wheresmydamnanswer.com. Her knowledge of design, social networking, marketing and kick butt research skills have allowed her to quickly become an expert on how to take a blog from an idea to a community.

How can I see samples of Blog Sites that you have done?

Easy … we have some of our most recent blog designs listed HERE

How do I get started?

Contact Us to set up a FREE consultation today.

Kristy CooperWhy do you need a blog for your business?

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