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How Social Media Can Be the Life or Death of Student Athletes

We have all heard about elite athletes who made mistakes via social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  Some of the best and brightest athletes have been involved in things like tweeting derogatory comments about others, bragging about free swag they got at an event, sharing an inappropriate song/video and even something out of their control – being tagged in compromising photos.

It’s not just college athletes that are running in to these types of problems. High School student athletes also have to be very careful about their reputation. Especially if they want to play their sport at the next level.

So you want to be recruited?

The internet can be a blessing and a curse if you are trying to be recruited. It’s easier than ever for potential coaches to look you up online and get a small glimpse of who you are – which can be good and bad.

Student Athlete branding is a loose term, but it’s a very important one. Parents and Coaches tend to think this is pointless with amateur athletes. We disagree. Online branding is being done daily with social media sites, local news sites covering events, etc. Information can be generated with a click of a button. Like it or not, if you are a student athlete in high school, you are being branded already by somebody. We believe it’s smart to take control of the branding effort where you can.

In August, Kristy posted a great blog post on Student Athlete Branding. In that article, she covers a lot of the pitfalls and discusses how things have changed over the years.

They said WHAT about me?

Think about it, research tells us that most searches on Google are using someone’s name. That search will turn up all kinds of sites with your name on it such as, local news sites that have written you up, sports coverage sites (like ESPN), recruiting sites, maxpreps.com, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There is a certain amount of content than you can control, but there is also a lot that you cannot.

The only thing that you can truly control is your own space

Student athletes who have a goal of playing their sport at the next level, should own their own space … or to be more specific … their own web space.

You never know who is searching for you. So when someone “googles” you and they see that your website pops up in the results, chances are they are going to go there first. Once you have them on your site, then you can show them what you want them to see. You know exactly what’s on it at all times because you control it. It’s the best way to insure that your first impression is favorable.

As Oscar Wilde said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Have you taken the time to really think about what it takes to make you stand out in the crowd in your sport?

What are the odds of you getting exposure in a magazine or a major newspaper (not just your local paper)? The online world is literally open to everyone and RKN Studio will help you brand yourself with a clean, well organized website that will allow you to get noticed.

Think of it as you own home base … where everyone comes to learn what you are up to.

It’s Time For You To Get Your Own Place

RKN Studio can help set you up with your own place on the web. We offer very reasonably priced WordPress sites. A student athlete website will help them brand themselves easily and effectively.


Kristy CooperHow Social Media Can Be the Life or Death of Student Athletes

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