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Blogging is the new Scrapbooking – or is it Scrapblogging?

It’s not such a CRAZY idea really. It’s so easy and inexpensive to get a blog set up these days. Heck, that’s what we’ve been hired to do the most over the last couple of months.

I currently read about 200 blogs in my Google Reader and they cover ALL kinds of different topics.  In fact, if you cruise the blog world you will see that people are blogging about all kinds of things such as:

  • Their wedding planning process – I currently read a blog that is for their vow renewal too
  • Their pregnancy
  • Their children growing up (so that the grandparents and other family members can not miss a minute)
  • Their feelings about being a first time Mom or Dad
  • Their process in renovating their first home
  • Their music or writing career
  • Their progress in making the PGA tour
  • Their small business
  • Their farm
  • Their love of cooking (omg there are a TON of food blogs) and/or wine
  • Their love of traveling … including notes from the trip and photos
  • Their growth as a photographer
  • Their weight loss
  • Their attempt at structuring their life more
  • Their progress in getting more traffic to their site
  • Their love of fashion or design
  • Their tricks and tips for social networking, how to set up a facebook, Twitter, etc.

The basic message here is that you can just about blog on anything that you are passionate about. Anything that you want to look at later and remember the “little” things that otherwise get lost in the shuffle of life.

We are proud to be able to help our clients memorialize those events in their lives by creating a place for them to document, share and reminisce for years to come. Often times that helps them to grow even more from the experience … and … it’s faster and easier than scrap booking the whole thing. Think about it … no blisters from the constant cropping of photos, no writers cramps from all those bubble letters and definitely better for the Earth in a green way because you aren’t throwing away all those scraps of papers.

So with that … I challenge you the next time you have something BIG in your life that you are doing to start blogging about it.  I think you will be surprised at just how much it will help suss things out in the process.

You can thank me later :D.

Kristy CooperBlogging is the new Scrapbooking – or is it Scrapblogging?

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