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A Year in Review: 2015

Ahhh, 2015. The year of Pluto discoveries, major elections around the world, and a new Star Wars movie. In the tech world, Microsoft came out with a browser to replace Internet Explorer, ad blockers became mainstream, and tech companies championed priv...

When :Hover States on Touch Mobile Devices Aren’t Working

While testing the mobile aspect, found a weird issue with a hover state. If you tried the hover out on a touch screen, the initial "display:block" will work when you click on the menu, but the menu won't disappear. Don't worry, there's an easy fix.

Book Review: The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

I originally picked up "The Talent Code" by Daniel Coyle because his idea about acquiring skills intrigued me. His tagline was "Greatness isn't born, It's grown." For a generation of 80's kids who were told we were intelligent, and so fusing the ideas ...

Using Hooks within WordPress: a How-to and Why

Wordpress is a great system, but sometimes you just need a little customization. Templates offer some basic customization, but not always do they let you customize as much as needed. Don't worry, Wordpress understands. Back in Wordpress 1.2.0 in 2004, ...

SEO Tips for the Modern Business

Ever feel like you're doing everything you possibly can and you just can't get your website on that first page of Google? Chances are, there are still some things you're missing. Take a look at the tips below.

Recent Work – All In Sports Group WordPress Website

All In Sports Group came to RKN Studio looking for a site that would help them organize and get the word out about their youth sports camps.  RKN Studio did a very clean WordPress site for them that allows them to add their own events, banners, posts and more.  It also allows them to accept

Recent work – Untamed Traveler WordPress Site (Photography)

Rob Dunton came to us wanting a new look that would translate from computer, to mobile devices and tablets as well.  It was important to showcase his amazing photographs as well as sample articles of his writing projects for clients such as Alaska Airlines, Surfer Magazine, San Diego Tribune, Alert Diver and more.  We suggested

A lil humor – Font Conference

I know it’s been around for a bit .. but Font Conference still cracks me up.  Especially WingDings – haha.  Some video humor for your Monday! Save

Video Strategy – Tips on how to come across as a pro

I love this video that Wistia posted about Video Strategy & Concepting – these are tips that I talk about with clients a lot.  GREAT reminder video for those of you who are talking about wanting to make an impact in the next video you post.

Recent work – Prozess Tech

This was a custom WordPress design website that Jen Brookman Designs brought to us.  RKN Studio took her .ai files and turned them into a WordPress site.  There were a lot of moving pieces on this one with some great custom coded features as well.